The Finest Celebrity Ass Around in 2017

February 23rd, 2017 by christian

I’m often asked which celebs I would totally bang in 2017, and I have come up with a small list and of course it starts with the one and only Mila Kunis Naked I think still in 2017 she is my very favourite celeb, she is just ever so hot and sexy man. But for my number two its something very different Kerry Washington Nude She is not your typical Hollywood slut thats for sure, but for me she is still a total A lister (feel free to disagree in the comment). I really dig her style and she always wear so cool outfits, so of course I have to have her on the list of fuck-able celebs. Ali Larter was one of my top Celebs for so many years, just so innocent and sexy looking, but lately I think she has gone down a bit on my list (not like I would have a chance anyway right haha after she got married). But here she still is as number 3 on my list.

Lauren Conrad enjoys hot anal fucking

December 7th, 2016 by J

Lauren Conrad is a self-confessed sub and she shows it right here in this wild leaked sex tape. She’d let her man do as he wishes on her and even take orders from him like a good girl. She sucks on his dick before he eats her cunt and rims her bunghole. And just because this dude wanted to fuck that ass too even if it’s gonna be a first for Conrad, she made him stretch that hole coz she knows it will make him cum loads.

Naughty Lauren gets her ass fucked

Horny Lauren Conrad masturbating in the nude

July 19th, 2016 by J

Naked Lauren Conrad enjoys playing with her wet pussy on the bed

As a fashion designer, author, and TV personality, Lauren Conrad has a lot on her plate most times. One would think that she doesn’t stop to smell the flowers, chill at home, much more, get into some relaxing activities that would help her recharge after a stressful day doing all sorts of projects on the sides. But what we aren’t aware of is that Conrad is actually full of surprises when it comes to these things, which she thought she was keeping private when all the while someone was sharing all her naughty sex tapes and this particular one has just gone viral.

But she doesn’t have to worry about it much because it seems like she did a great job in positioning herself in front of the webcam in such a way that anyone who would be watching her play with that drippin’ wet cunt is just going to see like 80% of her pussy and nothing else! So a lot of people wouldn’t dare see who really is this horny chick masturbating for them until she reaches orgasm with her sexy legs spread wide on the bed.

Naked Lauren toys with her wet snatch

March 17th, 2016 by J

Californian fashion designer and author, Lauren Conrad, is often mistaken for either Nikki Reed or Mandy Moore. But most times they say it’s actually a mix of the two. While there’s a bit of truth in it, I would have to say that Lauren has her own charisma and would definitely break out of that comparison chart that she’s so sick of hearing about each time she appears on interviews. I guess this video is one of the things that would separate her from those other chicks, as they might not have tried going this far to reach a different high in their career.

Lauren masturbates in the nude

In order to cut loose from stereotypes, looking reserved and naive about the wild side of life, she recorded this hot video of herself doing the opposite of being a public figure with a halo on their heads. She wanted to expose her real self when it comes to doing a more risky hobby than writing about some gossip in books about people she hates. So she strips naked for the cam and started playing with her smooth wet pussy using her toy. She looks like she wanted to dare some of her ‘conservative’ Hollywood friends to try and display themselves just like the way she’s playfully doing it in the nude. Lauren is all about breaking the rules and if this would mean that she’s going to be famous in a not-so-conventional way, then so be it.

Lauren Conrad’s ass in a bikini pics

May 3rd, 2010 by l c

I have to admit, when the alleged Lauren Conrad sex tape failed to see the light of day, and by light of day, my computer screen, I lost interest in her. Because seriously, how can you like some chick who tells you she’s going to suck your cock and when she’s in the back of your trunk already, she says she’s got sore throat and never calls you back. Okay maybe that’s just based from my experience but it’s something like that. So I didn’t pay her much attention. Then lo and behold I see Lauren Conrad in a bikini at the beach and just…damn! This chick’s got a sexy tight body.

Look at Lauren Conrad’s sweet little ass…don’t you just want to nibble on them? The more it reminds me of a seventeen-year old chick’s ass the more I want to pound it hard with my throbbing cock. See more of Lauren Conrad’s sexy and revealing pics over in this site!

Lauren Conrad’s sideboobs pics

May 3rd, 2010 by l c

If I didn’t know Lauren Conrad personally, I would think she’s just one of those blonde bimbos who’s only goal in existence is to be a blonde bimbo who whores herself infront of the paparazzi and anywhere the spotlight touches within her distance. Now since I don’t know her personally, I’m gonna go ahead and think she truly is. Not because I don’t know her, but because she really is a blonde bimbo. I hate to break it to you precious but no matter how hard you build up a ‘classy smart-woman’ persona by writing a book, it won’t work. So let me be first real person here to tell you, that you’re just wasting trees. That book will be a flop.

On the other hand, unless it has pop-up pictures of Lauren Conrad’s tits then it’s another story. Who wouldn’t want to see more than Lauren Conrad’s sideboobs, right? They look juicy as hell. I would definitely buy a book full of pictures of her tits and sideboobs. In fact, I would be the first in line in her book signing. I would ask her to sign her name on my dick with her tongue if it’s not really asking much.

Lauren Conrad porn pictures surfaces

July 27th, 2008 by l c

This has got to be one of the most exciting things ever to come out in Hollywood and I’m sure that a lot of you guys out there would be interested to know that this hot blonde from Laguna Beach named Lauren Conrad has these steamy porn pictures that we have uncovered as we constantly searched for it all over cyberspace! And we have unearthed a hefty load of these steamy images that features Lauren in all of her sleaziness as she gets it on with a couple of guys who gave her what she really wants… and Lauren is enjoying it like a naughty vixen!

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A collection of upskirt and nipple slip images of Lauren Conrad

July 27th, 2008 by l c

This has got to be the most common form of Hollywood filth that is easily to spot when famous celebrities are not too conscious about themselves whenever they are in public, and the slightest mistake on the part could lead to a media frenzy once the word is out. There are hundreds or even thousands of images of female stars caught with their guard down and now get to see a glimpse of their “secret heaven” like upskirts and nipple slips and other sleazy things that is guaranteed to catch the public’s attention. And for our Laguna Beach star Lauren Conrad, she too had her share of this embarrassing moment and we decided to rake in those images and share them to the entire world.

The guys responsible for these are indeed fast with their cameras and with one click of the shutter, it is headed straight for the internet and curious individuals are scampering to see those pictures first hand and see what other “secrets” lay underneath all those fashionable designer clothes that we don’t get to see up close. Click here and check out Lauren Conrad’s unexpected and sexy snapshots only at Lauren Conrad Nude.

Lauren Conrad’s titillating nude pictures exposed

July 27th, 2008 by l c

If Laguna Beach got you all excited with its cast members and storyline, then what we have here might get you all hot under the collar and it is definitely double the excitement and intensity when we unravelled some of Lauren Conrad’s smoking nude pictures that has been leaked and now it’s in our possession and we just couldn’t wait to show them all to you. Witness a different Lauren unlike anything before and she’s stripping down to expose her alluring naked body with an array of provocative and seductive poses that will surely make you stiff underneath your pants.

These pictures will surely be a hot commodity for those longing for the latest Hollywood filth and since this is the first time we have uncovered such images of Lauren, we wouldn’t want to spoil the fun and just blatantly pose them here… think of it as a little surprise that you should personally see for yourselves. And all you have to do is head on over to Lauren Conrad Nude and drool over this hot blonde babe in her birthday suit.